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A New Voice to Elect a New Generation of Black Leaders

Californians deserve leaders who will work to create an equitable and opportunity-filled state. Founded in 2022, Build Black Better PAC will build Black political power in California by identifying, supporting, and electing state legislative and constitutional candidates who support the Build Black Better principles concerning the Black community:

  • Improving educational opportunities and performance

  • Economic empowerment

  • Small business development

  • Improvement of health outcomes and high mortality rates 


In order to see that the needs of our community are met, California needs more lawmakers committed to these principles and with an avalanche of open seats occurring in 2024 due to term limits, now is the time for an aggressive strategy to elect more Black legislators and those who support our cause to the California Senate and Assembly.



Build Black Better will focus on electing pro-Black, Black candidates for California State Assembly and Senate from legislative districts with 10 percent or more Black Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP). Build Black Better PAC will also consider supporting candidates who are Black and are running in districts with less than 10 percent Black CVAP when appropriate.

Build Black Better PAC seeks to max out in the Assembly and Senate races in which it participates and to build long-term relationships with candidates who are endorsed and supported by the PAC. We will make both Primary and General Election contributions in 2024.


Dr. Margaret Fortune, Chair

Margaret Fortune is an elected board member of the El Dorado Resource Conservation District and the President/CEO of Fortune School where she founded 10 public schools grades Pre-K through 12 aimed at closing the African American achievement gap with enrollment of  2,200 students. She is the Recording Secretary of the California Democratic Party Black Caucus*, a State Delegate on the California Democratic Party State Central Committee and a member of the El Dorado County Central Committee.  Fortune has been an education advisor to two California Governors, is a Trustee Emeritus of the California State University Board of Trustees and the former chair of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.   


Tommy Ross

Tommy Ross is the President at Pinnacle Strategic Group, served as Director of Communications for the Black News Channel and is an Award Winning Film Producer. He has more than 40 years of corporate, legislative, political, public affairs, and senior management experience. Ross has served as a senior advisor to elected officials at the state, local and federal level while developing a reputation as a master political and corporate communications strategist. He has also expanded his extensive portfolio to serve as Executive Producer and Producer of feature length films and film shorts that have won international and domestic film festival awards.


*Titles for identification purposes only.

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